It’s common to hear that the eyes are the windows to the soul. But in many ways, the hands signal much more about how we feel about ourselves and each other. Our hands and feet are our connection with the world; using them to move in the world, and to move the world itself, their wellbeing are paramount to our happiness. We all deserve to hold our partners hands without embarrassment, and to shake our colleagues hands without fear.

Often called “the silent handicap,” the anxiety caused over sweating (hyperhidrosis) has real psychological, social, and professional consequences for our quality of live. Members of our team live with excessive sweating, and understand what you’re going through.

The current problem with treating hyperhidrosis is that most iontophoresis machines on the market are too expensive. Being the only treatment that causes no long-term negative side-effects, while also providing the best lifelong management of hyperhidrosis means that many people are forced to go without treatment. With years of combined experienced to draw from, our team of professionals designed an affordable price iontophoresis machine for patients living with the hindering and embarrassing effects of excessive sweating hands and feet.

Our iontophoresis machine is far less expensive (Why we less expensive) than any of our competitors (whose sale prices range from $400 to $1000). At $269, you get the same quality treatment and results as you would get with any of our competitors expensive iontophoresis machines.

Don’t let sweat keep happiness out of your reach. We’re standing by to offer a helping hand.

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