Iontophoresis treatment has been shown to be very effective in treating hyperhidrosis that involves the hands and feet. But how to choose an iontophoresis machine? And what we should to take care of before buying an iontophoresis machine? Here are 5 things we should know before making a purchase.

1. More expensive iontophoresis machine is more effective?

Actually not, iontophoresis treatment involves transmitting a very mild electrical current through water to shut down your sweat glands temporarily. The technology is pretty simple and the same in all of them So, if this treatment works for you. Every iontophoresis machine should be effective for you. The only difference is aesthetics, build quality, durability and some have little conveniences that others don’t, but they will all work the same. A $600 machine and a $300 machine will both have the same electric current passing through.

2. Pulsed current iontophoresis machine is better than direct current iontophoresis machine?

It depends, Direct current is an electric current that is one-directional, it means the flow of the electric current is always in the same direction. Positive to positive, negative to negative. With the current moving in one direction, there is a build-up of charge causing a stronger chemical effect on your skin tissue. So direct current iontophoresis machine is considered to be more effective.

Pulsed current is also one-directional, but the intensity changes in value over the course of treatment. It’s perceived as being more comfortable because users can tolerate higher current values. So pulsed current iontophoresis machine is not as effective but comfortable than direct current machine.

Direct current machine is great for who looking for faster results while pulsed current machine is great for patients with extreme skin sensitivities.

3. Iontophoresis treatment is not a permanent treatment, it’s not a cure, it’s an ongoing treatment. but with proper treatment such as maintaining an iontophoresis treatment schedule, excessive sweatingcan be significantly reduced.

4. How long does iontophoresis take to work? The amount of time it takes to see results from iontophoresis treatment varies by person. Most people see a sweat reduction after 1-2 weeks of treatment. For mild cases, it can take just one treatment to see results, and for the most severe cases of hyperhidrosis, it can take several weeks. Iontophoresis treatment is a great option for hyperhidrosis but does require patience and persistence.

5. What does iontophoresis feel like?A slight tingling sensation may be felt during iontophoresis treatment. The level of sensation depends on the patient’s skin sensitivity. Generally, as more iontophoresis treatments are performed, the patient gets used to the feeling and can tolerate higher level settings.

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