IontoDri Homemade DIY Iontophoresis Machine

IontoDri Free Homemade DIY Iontophoresis Machine

Why we offer free homemade DIY iontophoresis machine?

At IontoDri, we understand the challenges faced by those suffering from hyperhidrosis, a condition that often goes unnoticed yet significantly impacts daily life. Our mission extends beyond merely selling iontophoresis machines; we aim to empower individuals and enable them to lead lives free from the constraints of excessive sweating. That’s why we offer free homemade (DIY) iontophoresis machine to support those who need treatment but cannot afford it. But our vision extends beyond just providing devices. We’re dedicated to fostering a broader conversation about hyperhidrosis, raising public awareness, and dismantling the stigma often associated with excessive sweating. By encouraging our applicants to share their stories on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit, we not only amplify their voices but also educate the wider community about the realities of living with hyperhidrosis. In addition to helping individuals and educating the public, we believe this is an opportunity for us to introduce IontoDri to a wider audience. We believe in our products and the positive impact they can have. By showcasing our commitment to the community and to affordability, we aim to build trust and establish our brand as a compassionate in hyperhidrosis treatment solutions. Your participation means more than just receiving a free homemade iontophoresis machine—it’s about joining a movement to change perceptions and improve lives. Together, we can make a significant difference, one step at a time.

How to Apply IontoDri FREE Homemade Iontophoresis Machine

Applying for our IontoDri free homemade iontophoresis machine is a straightforward process designed to help us reach those truly in need and to spread awareness about hyperhidrosis. Here’s what you need to do to apply:

Step-by-Step Application Process:

1. Engage on Social Media:
  • First, share the IontoDri homepage link here on your personal social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This step is crucial as it helps us spread the word and reach more people who could benefit from our program.
  • Like our Facebook page at IontoDri and follow us on Twitter @IontoDri to stay updated with our initiatives and support.
2. Engage with Communities: You have a few options to further engage with the community and share your story:
  • Option A: Post on Reddit’s r/Hyperhidrosis: Share your personal journey with hyperhidrosis and talk about this campaign. Let the community know how they can participate in our free DIY iontophoresis machine program. It’s a wonderful opportunity to connect with others who understand your struggles and to encourage them to take a step towards managing their condition. Here’s the link to the subreddit: Reddit r/Hyperhidrosis.
  • Option B: Post in a Facebook Hyperhidrosis Group: Choose any of the following groups to share your story and information about our free iontophoresis machine program. This helps in reaching out to a targeted group of people who are actively seeking solutions and support for hyperhidrosis.
  • Option C: Create and Share a Video: If you’re comfortable on camera, record a video talking about your hyperhidrosis story and how this program can help others. Post the video on your YouTube channel. This visual and personal touch can significantly impact others’ lives by showing them they are not alone and there’s a supportive community they can join.
3. Submit Your Application: After completing one of the above steps (step one is mandatory, and then any one of the subsequent steps), fill out the application form. Download link Once you’ve filled out the form, please email it to us at This final step will put you in the running to receive one of our free homemade iontophoresis machines. By participating, you’re not only taking a step towards managing your own condition but also helping others understand and cope with hyperhidrosis. We’re excited to see your posts and videos, and we look forward to welcoming you to the IontoDri family. Let’s raise awareness together and provide relief to those in need. Everyone who completes the Mandatory Social Media Share and one Additional Engagement option will receive a free IontoDri DIY Iontophoresis Kits.

What Happens Next?

After you’ve submitted your application for the IontoDri free DIY iontophoresis machine, here’s what you can expect in the following stages of the process: Review Process Once we receive your application, our team at IontoDri will begin the review process. Here’s a breakdown of what we look for:
  • Completion of Requirements: We check if you have completed the mandatory social media share of the IontoDri homepage and at least one of the additional engagement options (Reddit post, Facebook group post, or YouTube video).
  • Authenticity and Impact: We assess the authenticity of your story and the potential impact your sharing could have on others in the community. Our goal is to support those who not only need the device but also contribute positively to awareness and understanding of hyperhidrosis.
Timeline for Response
  • Initial Review: The initial review of applications will take approximately 3 to 7 days after submission. We strive to process everything as quickly as possible while ensuring each application is given the attention it deserves.
  • Notification of Status: Once the review process is complete, you will receive an email notification regarding the status of your application. Whether you are selected to receive a free device or not, you will be informed.

FAQs about IontoDri Free DIY Iontophoresis Machine Program

We understand that you may have questions about our free DIY iontophoresis machine program. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions and their answers to help you understand the program better and facilitate your application process.

Question 1: Who can apply for the machine?

Answer: Anyone who has hyperhidrosis affecting their hands and feet is welcome to apply for the machine. However, please note that the free device is only shipped to certain locations including the United States, Canada, the UK, Australia, Europe, South Korea, Japan, and a few other regions. If your destination is not listed, please send us an email at for confirmation and possible arrangements.

Question 2: Do you need my personal credit card information?

Answer: No, we do not require any credit card information for you to apply for the free device. Our program is completely free for those who are selected, and there are no hidden charges or fees.

Question 3: What’s your selection criteria?

Answer: Our selection criteria are based on a few key factors:
  • Mandatory Social Media Share: Applicants must share the IontoDri homepage on their social media.
  • Additional Engagement: Applicants must complete at least one of the additional engagement options (making a post on Reddit’s r/Hyperhidrosis, in a Facebook hyperhidrosis group, or creating a YouTube video discussing their hyperhidrosis story).
  • Impact and Engagement: The impact of your story and the level of engagement on social media will also play a crucial role in speeding up the review process.

Question 4: What’s your application deadline?

Answer: The application deadline for the current round of the free DIY iontophoresis machine program is May 17, 2024. Make sure to submit all required information and complete the necessary social media engagements before this date to be considered. We hope these FAQs address your concerns and help you with your application. If you have any more questions or need further clarification, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at We’re here to help and ensure that everyone who needs this treatment has a chance to apply. IontoDri Free DIY Iontophoresis Machine Program Application Form Download link IontoDri Free DIY Iontophoresis Machine Program Application Social Media Guidelines

IontoDri Free Homemade DIY Iontophoresis Kits include:

  • Rechargeable 9V 750mAh Lithium battery *2
  • Treatment tray with aluminium strip *2
  • PVC foam *2
  • Output cord with Alligator clips *1
  • Battery case suit *1
  • Type C charging cord *1 
IontoDri DIY iontophoresis machine
IontoDri PVC foam
DIY iontophoresis 9V rechargeable battery
9V rechargeable battery IontoDri
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